Beach trek near coastlines of Honnavar

Beaches and resorts near Honnavar is an untouched area in the coast of Karnataka shores. Some might have heard of it but this is a place waiting to be explored by a majority of tourists for its unpolluted, serene natural trekking spot. Beach trekking as much as hill trekking is a word that comes by familiarity and personal experience. There are number of resorts near Honnavar so that you can stay for a beach trek along the Arabian sea.

There are as much resorts around Honnavar as there are beach near this shoreline. Kudle beach, Om beach, Half moon beach, paradise beach and many more. A beach trek from Gokarna to Honnavar encompasses a distance of around 45 kms which is suitably connected by rail and bus to various parts of the district and also the country since national highway is the trunk route that connects people from all parts of the country.

Goa being the nearest airport, a trekking route by cycle or jeep or SUV along the sea is the most happy journey and an easy maneuver to the rocks. If you have come without a vehicle, take an auto or bus from Karki village to reach and stay in Honnavar.

Beach trek from Bhatkal to Maravanthe covers35 kms of distance and the best time to trek will be from November to February. You can put up a night camp for a stay more than 2 days. This will cover routes like Sodigadde, Alvegadde, Cross river by boat, Dombe till Maravanthe. Bhatkal is easily accessible by rail and bus and Mangalore airport being the nearest. If you are crossing stream at Alvegadde there is always local fish boats to your advantage. Less of terrains this route is good to break for one day which has quite a number of hotels for visitors to stay.

From Gokarna to Ankola en route Belekeri, Deshina Halli, Gabth Halli through Cross river by boat through Gangavalli is a 20 km journey and the best time to trek is November to February. The choice is yours if you want to stay night camping or stay on the beach. This area is much nearer to Goa Dabolim airport and from Ankola to belekeri you can catch a bus or auto to reach the beach place.

Some beach trek tips

  • Start at dawn and finish by noon 2’0 clock, so that you can surf, snorkel or scuba dive or simply have a gaze at the beach towards the evening.
  • Carry enough water to drink.
  • Walk on the path parallel to the beach.