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Divinity is a feel that takes one on an incredible journey to achieve serenity in life. Murudeshwara is such a place where it brings spiritual sense into every tourist. This pilgrimage paradise located in Uttara Kannada district of Bhatkal taluk, Karnataka. Apart from being a holy place, Murudeshwara is also beach destination that gives a magnificent view of scenic beauty with holiness. This excellent tourist destination also has a mythological significance. The importance of the town Murudeshwara dates back to the time of Ramayana. Lord Shiva had given the atmalinga to Ravana to worship and fulfil his wishes but with one condition that you should not place it on the land. However,Lord Ganesha tricked Ravana and made him to place the Atmalinga on the land. Angry Ravana broke the atmalinga and threw the pieces into surrounding cities. Finally, he threw the covering cloth to a place named Mrideshwar, now called as Murudeshwara.

Things to do in Murudeshwara

Situated between Bhatkal and Honnavara, Murudeshwara that lies on the shores of Arabian Sea offers scenic and religious places to visit. The town gets the credit of having a second tallest statue of Lord Shiva. The statue of the deity of the majestic height of 123 feet lies in the premises of the RNS Residency. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is believed to be the part of divine Atmalinga. Inside the temple, there is a statue made from the brass of Natraj and Jattiga shrine. Apart from temples, the town also offers its tourists many attractions.

Sparkling view of the Arabian Sea and thick greenery filled the Western Ghats truly to mesmerize the people. Beaches and adventure activities what attract the tourists in Murudeshwara other than temples. There is also Murudeshwara Fort located close by, believed to be built during the time of Vijayanagar rule. These make ideal places to spend time with family and enjoy playing at the beach with friends. Netrani Island close to Murudeshwara offers the splendid experience of scuba diving and explores the coral life under the sea. Tourists can also enjoy snorkeling and have a wonderful time exploring the hills at the Island of Netrani.

Stay near Murudeshwara

Best time to vacation in Murudeshwara

Murudeshwara has a very pleasant climatic condition and the monsoon season not recommended as the best time to visit as the town receives heavy rainfall from June to September. The most important festival celebrated at Murudeshwara is Maha Shivaratri. The best time to visit this pilgrimage place in from October to May.

Place to Eat in Murudeshwara

Murudeshwara has few budget hotels where you can enjoy local foods and variety of cuisines that are truly delicious to taste.

How to Reach Murudeshwara

Murudeshwara is located in the district of Uttara Kannada of Bhatkal taluk. The town connects with the main cities of Karnataka. The Murudeshwara is easy to reach through airways, railways, and roadways. The town is about 204 KM distance away from Goa and Bangalore is 581 KM from Murudeshwara. Mangalore International Airport is the nearest to the town which is about 153 KM. Konkan railways that connect to the Murudeshwara. State and private buses run regularly from Murudeshwara. From Kinarastay, Murudeshwara is just 42 KM and easily connects when came via NH-66.