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Stay near Murdeshwar
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Stay near Murdeshwar

Kinarastay aims to create a beautiful memory for our visitors by delivering outstanding service and lavish amenities. We are located between Gokarna and Murudeshwara on National Highway 66. Many tourists destinations are near to our stay. Kinara Stay offers easy accessibility from major cities, and one can reach Kinarastay with no difficulty.

Kumta to Kinarastay - 5.8 KM

Murudeshwara to Kinarastay - 43 KM

Gokarna to Kinarastay - 30 KM

Yana to Kinarastay - 33 KM

Ankola to Kinarastay - 42 KM

Bangalore to Kinarastay - 630 KM

Mangalore to Kinarastay - 197 KM

Karwar to Kinarastay - 77 KM

Goa to Kinarastay - 160 KM


Kinara Stay
Devagundi, Kumta,
North Canara - 581332

+91 944 910 2153