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Venkatraman Temple

Venkatraman Temple is one of a fascinating pilgrimage center with two main deities Lord Venkatraman Swamy and Lord Gopalkrishna. During the month of February, car festival is celebrated, and in the month of May, there will be foundation day celebration. Several other spiritual and religious activities will be organized by the temple.

Best Time To Visit Venkatraman Temple

The region of this temple experiences the similar climatic condition like other places of Uttara Kannada. The best time to visit Venkatraman Temple is throughout the year.

Places To Eat In Venkatraman Temple

There are few hotels you can find in Venkatraman Temple where you can taste the best food and local dishes at an affordable price. When you are in Kumta, never miss to visit this temple and book your rooms at Kinara Stay for a comfortable holiday.

How To Reach Venkatraman Temple

Venkatraman Temple is well-connected with good transportation services from various regions of Uttara Kannada. Kumta is the nearest city from where you will get frequent buses to reach this holy place. From Kinara Stay, the Venkatraman Temple is just at the distance of 49 km.